What are Categories, Topics and Posts?

What are categories, topics and posts?

Read here to find out more about the structure of the STEM-Away forums.

To get started on any forum its important to learn the at least a little bit about how the forum is structured. The STEM-Away site uses Discourse which is an open source platform for its forums which is structured in a three tiered system for organizing all of your great ideas and accomplishments on the platform. On discourse these are categories, topics and posts.

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To learn more detail about any of the sections below feel free to click on the title of the section.


Categories are the top level sections that let us organize different content to be in the same place and generally done with a purpose. These can be stored once within each other but never more.

An example of one of these is the Model Category you’re in and it’s content/purpose is to teach you a few things about STEM-Away… at least we hope


Topics are used whenever you are going to be starting a new discussion in a category or subcategory on the STEM-Away site.

If you’re looking for an example your in one right now silly goose.


This is how you continue the discussion on a topic which will have an initial post that is the topic post. You can like, reply, rate and engage in discussion with all of the other fantastic people in the STEM-Away community.

Note: a reply to a post unfortunately is not available here cause you know we wouldn’t want you to get distracted from this amazing learning experience, at least not yet…