Welcome Team 3!

Welcome to the UX Summer 2020 Virtual Internship! My name is Jay, and I am your Project Lead for the upcoming 5 weeks of fun-filled learning at STEM-Away!

@Harshit_Aggarwal @Avanda76 @Marawan_Ghazali @sherryliulxy @SnehaK
@aishashahid1 @Pratistha @montelyu @urmika_ghosh

Let us introduce ourselves and find out a suitable time for all of us to meet virtually!

Name: Jay Shukla
Info: Grad Student at NYU, MS in Management of Technology
Time Zone: EST, New York
UX Experience: User Centered Design, UX Research
Learning Objectives: I would like to smoothly coordinate work throughout the team in order to cultivate a great design proposal at the end of the internship. I am people person and am looking forward to working with a talented pool of members!

I hope that all of you could introduce yourselves in this way. It would be helpful to have a brief about each member of the group and also their time zones in order to find out the best possible time for us to meet virtually. It is completely okay if you have limited UX Experience or don’t have any. What matters is that you must be eager to learn something new or add up to what you already know.

We will be meeting on June 1st over Google Meet, but for that to happen smoothly I would require each member’s availability and time. t would be helpful if all of you could respond to this thread. As a member of Team 3, I think this would be one of the most important platforms for coordinating out work initially. I am looking forward to hearing back from you all! Thank you for you time guys! :grin:

Hello Jay,

I am excited to work on this new project! I am in the Eastern Time Zone, and I am available between 11 am to 5 pm. I look forward to collaborating with all the team members!


Hello Jay and Everyone!

My name is Montel and I am studying Computer Science with a concentration in Human Computer Interaction. I am in the Eastern Time Zone - I am available after 6PM on weekdays and all day on the weekends. I am participating as an observer, but I will definitely try to keep up and offer suggestions when I can! I’m so excited to learn more about user experience!

My name is Aisha and I am studying Information Technology and Management at the Illinois Institute of Technology. My time zone will be central CST. I will be available anytime after 3:00 pm on Monday, June 1st. I anticipate a great learning experience from this internship!

Name : Aditya Vandanapu
Info : Incoming Senior studying Computer Science at University of Illinois at Chicago
Time Zone : CST Chicago
UX Experience : Software Design Class designing wireframes and diagrams. Also learned more on LinkedIn learning.
Learning Objectives : I would like to use this internship as a platform to propel my career in UX design and research as well as product management. I anticipate to learn more in depth of UX and collaborating with everyone!

8 am - 4pm works for me!


My name is Harshey and I am rising junior in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Computer Engineering. My time zone is EST. I’ll be available anytime after 4pm CST on weekdays and after 12pm CST on weekends. Excited to work with all of you!

Name: Pratistha Maharjan
Info : Rising junior studying Computer Science
Time Zone : PST, California
UX Experience : I am very interested in UX, and I do not have much skill sets in this field. However I am really excited to learn new skills.
Learning Objectives : I am an observer and I would like to learn get as much resources as I can that would help me in July 1st session as a participant. I look forward to connecting with everyone.

Availability: Available after 1PM. Except on Tuesday I am available from (1PM - 5PM) PST time

Thank you guys for all of your responses! I am excited to work with you all! I would encourage other members of this groups to please respond so that we can decide on a time for Monday to meet. It is important to start off the internship on a good note and I am hoping that all of you can respond so that it can work out smoothly for us!

@Marawan_Ghazali @sherryliulxy @urmika_ghosh

Hi! I am Xiaoyun Liu, you can call me Sherry. I am a first year graduated student study at Tisch School of Arts at NYU majoring in Interactive Telecommunications. I have done some museum and app experience design before. I am in EST zone and available all day in June 1st. Looking forward to meet you all!

Name: Marawan Ghazali
Info: Grad Student at Illinois Institute of Technology , Master of science in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Time Zone : CST, Illinois
UX Experience : Worked as a part of a team to develop a video game using unity to educate students about the importance of recycling.
Learning Objectives : I would like to improve my skills in UX design as it’s an area of interest for me and I’m looking forward to virtually meeting and working with everyone.
My time preference would be between 8 am to 5 pm on weekdays, I’m working on the weekends so I will have to change my work schedule to fit the internship if needed.

Thank you all for responding! Looking at your past experiences and learning objectives, I must say that I am excited to work with you all! I have noted down the availability of each member so as to estimate a common meeting time for our formal meetings each week. Before we decide that, I want to have an informal interactive session where we get to know each other better. I believe this is as important as the formal sessions, as it will make us comfortable around each other and will also be useful to address to any questions you all might have. The purpose of this session is to get to know each other and talk about the next 5 weeks in detail. I will also share some key insights as to how this internship will be helpful to each one of you.

I want to schedule this meeting on Monday, June 1st at 3 pm EST (2 pm CST &12 pm PST). I hope this works for all of you. It is really important for all the Participants to attend this meeting as it would set a basis for our work in the upcoming weeks. I highly encourage all Observers to attend this meeting as it would be a way to get to know more about their availability being vital members of this team.

Please respond by a Yes/No message to this thread if this works for you. I’ll share the Google Meet link once a majority of the team agrees to this meeting. Thank you for your time guys and I look forward to hearing back from you!

@Harshit_Aggarwal @avanda76 @Marawan_Ghazali @sherryliulxy @SnehaK @aishashahid1 @Pratistha @montelyu @urmika_ghosh

Yes, it works for me

Yes! Perfect time

Unfortunately, I won’t be available until 2:30 pm CST but would be more than happy to join the meeting a bit late if that is possible at all.

Thank you for responding @Marawan_Ghazali @avanda76 @aishashahid1 ! You can join 30 mins late, that is completely fine with me. Thank you for the heads up! I request the other members to kindly respond :grin:

@SnehaK @Harshit_Aggarwal @sherryliulxy @Pratistha @montelyu @urmika_ghosh

Hello Jay,

I am free for a call on Monday, 1st June at 3 pm EST.

Looking forward to the meeting!



Yes I’m free

Unfortunately, that time does not work for me. I am happy to review the recorded zoom meetings.

Thank you for responding guys! I request @sherryliulxy , @montelyu, and @urmika_ghosh to respond as well. If someone is unable to make it tomorrow, I am fine with that. I’ll let you all know the minutes of the meeting once we are done.

I’ll share the Google Meet link shortly!