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Yay!! We are not just FS Team 2 June 1, we finally have a name!

And as cool as the team name is, so are the members :partying_face:

You all did an amazing job this first week.
You took every information we gave you so well, it made our lives easy.
~ Leads!

But some of you just exceeded our expectations :wink:

So we will be picking out star performers each week and giving them a spotlight here!!

For those who are already here, keep up the great work! Keep it up!! :+1:t2:
For those who aren’t here - you are almost there!! Gear up!! :metal:t2:

Star Performers for Week 1!!

Way to go, guys! Wohooo!! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

@Chris_Shen - Mr. Pronto! - Always the first one to getting started on each task! Quick and Quiet, I’d say! :shushing_face:

@jade - Ms. Techie - Getting all the technical tasks done first is her thing! :woman_technologist:t2:

@Antonio_H - Mr. Enthusiastic - Always excited! Offering to help and taking some load off our backs was probably the best thing you could do! :grin:

@SkimMilk05 - Ms 100% Attendance - Always present in each meeting and super responsive! :100:

@Jscott - Mr. Interactive - Always interacting within the meetings! Shined out, especially in the interaction tasks given to the team! :speaking_head: