Voting Guide for Projects, Skills, Job Titles and Companies

:key: Voting Guide for Projects

To cast your vote for a project, click on the thumbs up icon next to the project to reveal all emoji options:

Emoji Project Category Description
:+1: General Interest Project For projects you find intriguing or relevant to your interests.
:seedling: Foundational Project For foundational projects that are essential to a domain or industry.
:twisted_rightwards_arrows: Transferable Project For projects with concepts or techniques that are applicable across multiple domains.
:chart_with_upwards_trend: Emergent Project For cutting-edge projects that are at the forefront of innovation or emerging trends.
:classical_building: Legacy Project For timeless projects that have consistently been valuable or influential over the years.

:key: Voting Guide for Skills, Job Titles, Companies

To cast your vote for a skill or job title or company, click on the thumbs up icon to reveal all emoji options:

Emoji Category Skills Job Titles Companies
:+1: General Interest For skills you have a general interest in. For job titles you find appealing or relevant. For companies you respect or are interested in.
:seedling: Foundational For skills you view as foundational. For job titles that form the backbone of an industry. For companies that are fundamental in their sector.
:twisted_rightwards_arrows: Transferability For skills you believe hold value across diverse domains. For job titles that apply across industries. For companies known for valuing a spectrum of skills.
:chart_with_upwards_trend: Emergent For skills you see as rapidly growing in relevance. For emerging job titles that are gaining traction. For companies that are on the rise or innovating rapidly.
:classical_building: Legacy For skills you believe have stood the test of time. For job titles that have been consistent and long-standing. For companies with a rich history and enduring impact on their industry.

Note: If more than one category seems to apply, pick the one that you feel is the strongest match. If unsure, the first category (Thumbs Up ) is the safest choice.