Virtual-Internships - Overview

Virtual-Internships - The Future of Work Experience

:high_brightness: Who Are Virtual-Internships For?

For Junior Talent

  • Recent Graduates & Career Changers: Solidify your STEM transition by diving deep into industry-relevant projects. Showcase your adaptability, readiness for new roles, and step into leadership roles that align with your expertise.
  • Graduate Students: Complement your academic research with hands-on projects. Bridge academia and industry, enhance your professional portfolio, and take on leadership roles to guide project directions.
  • Undergraduate Students: Integrate academic knowledge with real-world applications, leading and collaborating on projects that offer invaluable industry insights, preparing you for your next career steps.
  • High School Students: Experience an unparalleled introduction to the STEM world. Engage in projects that enrich your foundational knowledge, setting the stage for your future academic and professional pursuits.

For Companies & Professionals Seeking Junior Talent

  • STEM Professionals & Teams: Experience vibrant junior talent in action, all from the comfort of a front-row seat — no logistical hassles of traditional internships. Our teams uphold an inclusivity criterion, ensuring representation from ‘low STEM connection’ candidates. Unearth emerging talent, ready to bring fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to your team.

:ledger: Key Features & Unique Functionalities

Automated Team Formation:

  • Automated team formations strategically match members based on points earned from mini-projects, ensuring synergy and skill compatibility. This streamlined approach sets the foundation for effective and successful collaborations.

Mentor Chains®:

  • Experience the unique STEM-Away® mentorship model - Mentor Chains®. With STEM-Away® mentors guiding intern leads, a cascading mentorship effect is created where intern leads subsequently mentor their teams. This multi-tiered approach offers comprehensive guidance and provides leadership opportunities for junior talent that are typically difficult to obtain at their stage in their career.

Customizable Internship Experience:

  • Customize the internship experience to meet specific requirements. Options include adjusting the duration, selecting preferred time zones, and setting desired outcomes, crafting an experience that aligns with individual goals and aspirations.

Showcasing to Companies:

  • Transform hard work into tangible opportunities. With the 1-Click® Resume feature, achievements can be effortlessly showcased. Exclusive STEM-Away® demo days further provide a platform to highlight accomplishments directly to potential employers.

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:key: Your Comprehensive Portal for STEM Internships

Embark on a transformative journey through STEM-Away® virtual-internships, where talent meets unparalleled opportunity.

1. Free Tier

Team Formation

All users have access to tools that enable the formation of dynamic teams. This empowers every participant to form teams, initiate projects, and embark on a transformative STEM journey. Team sizes have to be in between 5 and 15.

Team Mentorship

Free mentorship is dedicated to teams that champion inclusivity. To be eligible, teams must include at least three students identified with Emerging STEM Connectivity. An individual can identify with Emerging STEM Connectivity if they meet either of the following criteria:

  • Limited STEM Network: If an individual has fewer than five meaningful connections in STEM fields. A meaningful connection is one that can offer career advice, technical guidance, or valuable introductions. Examples of such connections are:
    1. STEM mentors or advisors.
    2. Professors or academic supervisors.
    3. Collaborators in professional or academic STEM settings.
    4. Contacts from STEM-related academic or industry organizations.
    5. Family ties with accomplished STEM professionals.
  • Regional STEM Access Barriers: Individuals from regions or countries with limited access to global STEM opportunities or networks.

By adopting this criterion, we aim to reach and support individuals who might have had fewer opportunities to connect within the STEM community, thereby broadening the horizon for diverse talents.

2. À La Carte Offerings

  • Team Mentorship: For teams that do not meet the inclusivity criterion, each member has to pay a one-time nominal mentorship fee.
  • Talent Observation Suite: For companies or professionals, this suite offers a unique vantage point to assess potential candidates in real-time project environments. This direct observation provides insights into a candidate’s technical proficiency, teamwork, and overall potential, streamlining the talent acquisition process.

:star2: Get Started with Your Virtual-Internships Journey

Whether you’re a budding STEM enthusiast or a professional seeking fresh talent:

  1. Start with SkopeAI to select the skills that will propel the solution pipeline forward.
  2. Engage with the AI Project Engine, laying the groundwork for our dynamic virtual-internships.
  3. Check out presentations and achievements from our past students to visualize potential trajectories.
  4. Read through The Student Voice to hear firsthand about the transformative experiences others have had.
  5. Begin laying your groundwork now! Our tools for forming and observing virtual-internship teams will be launching soon.

Whether you’re stepping into the world of STEM or seeking emerging talents, Virtual-Internships provides a platform like no other. Dive in and shape your future in STEM!

Don’t forget to check our pre-launch specials and exclusive deals to enhance your virtual-internship experience!

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