Virtual Internships for Summer 2020

Greetings from STEM-Away. With most schools & colleges currently closed we know that many of you are anxious about the potential impact to your education and career path. Are your summer 2020 plans affected? We would like to help. We have received multiple inquiries about our upcoming virtual-internships and we are working hard to increase the number of spots available.

Until now, we’ve been accepting students via our partnerships with academic & diversity organizations. However, given the current COVID-19 situation, we are allowing additional students to join. All students are informally interviewed as the final step to acceptance in our program. We are rigorous about who we allow to participate because these virtual internships are designed to help truly motivated students prepare to be successful in their chosen careers.

Share with friends who may be interested as learning with friends is always a win-win.

To meet the demand for projects, we will run extra teams as needed in order to keep the limit at 10 students per project. Please help us plan. Sign up in individual project pages to get project specific communications. Or join an information session by signing up at

Stay safe!
The STEM-Away® Team

Sessions: June 1st, July 6th
Duration: 5 weeks
June 1st session is now closed.
July 6th session teams will be announced the week of 06/15

Application form for participants & observers

Machine Learning:


UX Research & Design:

Full Stack:



Application form for project & task leads

Interested in lead positions. Click here.

What are STEM-Away® Virtual Internships?

Our platform - STEM-Away® - helps students and junior professionals develop their careers via our comprehensive virtual-internship program.

Salient Points

  • Virtual-Internships comprise of real life projects, selected to develop skills for specific career pathways. Current pathways are Bioinformatics, Machine Learning, Full Stack Design, UX Research & Design, Entrepreneurship.

  • Internships are designed as Mentor Chains® Projects with students of varying experiences collaborate in online teams. Open to high school students, college students and recent grads/ junior professionals.

  • Students work on all aspects of a project from project definition to post mortem. They get the opportunity to build technical skills, project management skills, and other critical soft skills that companies are seeking in candidates.

  • A STEM-Away® Certificate is issued at the end of a project that provides full transparency into the achievements of the student.

  • There are 3 levels of participation:

  1. Mentor Chains Observers
    • A tiered approach to internships where students can start in purely observation roles to get exposure to new fields and build overall confidence.
  2. Mentor Chains Participants
    • Opportunities to gain real-world experience
    • Showcase technical & soft skills via 1-Click® Resume
    • Mentoring from senior students
    • Start professional network
  3. Mentor Chains® Leads
    • Leadership opportunities as webinar hosts, mentors
    • Showcase technical & soft skills via 1-Click® Resume
    • Mentoring from industry experts
    • Grow professional network

Full details can be found here: Overview of Virtual Internships

Other Helpful Links:

Current career pathways
Which areas are of interest to you? Let us know. We are listening.

Upcoming Webinars
In order to participate in virtual-internships, students must attend the corresponding webinar(s) as they introduce the technical content and set the foundation for success. Webinars are hosted by professionals as well as student leaders from several colleges.

Showcase Virtual-Internship
Find out how we showcase the work done in our projects.

Summer 2020 Projects
We have set up a group per project. If there is interest in participating in a project, join the corresponding group to get project specific communication. We will use these communications to finalize the teams.

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