Virtual internships applicants: please read and check the box at the end

  • I understand that the virtual-internships are educational internships that simulate the work environment to help students become work-ready.

  • I understand that guidance from mentors is provided free of cost as part of STEM-Away®’s mission to provide opportunities for all. I also understand that custom paperwork/ services are NOT covered by the program.

  • I understand the Mentor Chains® structure of the program as explained here.

  • I understand that this program requires all interns to be take initiative and be comfortable working with other students.

  • I understand that teamwork is at the core of the program. I will not engage in any activity that causes disruption to my team.

  • I understand that there is an evaluation step in mid-June. I understand that access to the initial training is not a guarantee of being placed in a team.

  • I understand that the program is not compliant with COPPA or children’s privacy protection laws of any country. I understand that this program is not open to children as defined by these laws. If required, I will provide proof of age (applies to high school students only)

  • I understand that I will be working with interns from all over the globe. I will adhere to the highest standards of academic integrity and inclusivity throughout the program.

  • I have read and agree with all the items above.

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Please check the circle above to get access to the training program. Your username and email get recorded when you check the circle.


@ddas, I cannot check the circle above.

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same here!

Hi Debamitra, could you try it out now?

Hi Vaishnavi, it is working now. Quite a few students have checked the box.

@ddas Thank you so much. It worked now. :smile:

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Thank you for pointing out the issue! Helps a lot.

Take a look at the Recommender modules. Power teams can aim for app deployment, critical analysis of the pipeline developed or any other idea the team comes up with!

It is already done!!

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@ddas Will the access be provided instantly? My application status still appears to be conditional even after accepting the items above.

Hi Amardeep, you still have to do the evaluation to join teams in July. But you should have full access to online modules, training schedule by now. Please visit your project and let me know if you do not see the details.