Virtual-Internship FAQs - Companies & Professionals Seeking Junior Talent

:key: Introduction to Virtual-Internships for Companies:

  • Why should our company engage with STEM-Away’s Virtual-Internships?
    • Answer: Engage with emerging STEM talent in a real-world project setting, all from the convenience of your workspace. Experience the benefits of an inclusive, tech-driven environment and discover potential future hires, all without the logistical challenges of traditional internships.
  • How do Virtual-Internships differ from traditional internships?
    • Answer: Virtual-Internships, managed entirely by STEM-Away, provide significant cost savings, freeing you from the overheads and logistics of traditional internships. The digital nature allows for a global reach, enabling you to access diverse talent without geographical constraints.

:ledger: Engagement & Collaboration:

  • What role do we play during the Virtual-Internship?
    • Answer: You’ll primarily play an observational role. Watch interns in action, attend showcase events, and identify standout performers, all without the need for mentorship or logistics.
  • How can we influence the Virtual-Internship projects?
    • Answer: By promoting specific mini-projects via AI Project Engine, you can directly influence the direction of talent development. These mini-projects can evolve into larger virtual-internship projects, ensuring that interns are working on skills and projects relevant to your team’s needs.
  • How can we provide input into the team formation?
    • Answer: If you’ve spotted specific talent, we can prioritize them during team formation, provided they meet the required qualifications.

:clipboard: Outcomes, Benefits & Branding:

  • What does the À La Carte offering entail for companies?
    • Answer: It provides exclusive access to view current interns in action, attend showcase events, and gain a window into the capabilities of potential hires. View interns in real-time as they tackle significant challenges, resulting in concrete deliverables. This immersive experience provides a unique lens through which you can assess potential hires’ skills, teamwork, and problem-solving capabilities.
  • How can we seamlessly integrate standout interns into our company post-internship?
    • Answer: After observing standout interns, engage directly for potential full-time roles or collaborations. We’ll facilitate introductory meetings or interviews to streamline this transition.
  • How does our company’s brand benefit from this engagement?
    • Answer: Active participation and association with STEM-Away® enhance your company’s visibility among a global community of emerging STEM talent. By endorsing an inclusive and innovative platform, your brand positions itself as forward-thinking, resonating with next-gen professionals and showcasing your commitment to fostering talent.

:high_brightness: Inclusivity:

  • How does STEM-Away ensure inclusivity in Virtual-Internships?
    • Answer: STEM-Away actively champions inclusivity through unique strategic initiatives:
      • Emergent STEM Connectivity: We’ve introduced a nuanced benchmark that uses the depth of personal connections in the STEM world. Whether it’s a lack of mentors, collaborators, industry contacts, or even family ties in STEM, our criterion ensures that those at the peripheries of the STEM network are brought to the center, amplifying inclusivity and granting opportunities to those who stand to benefit immensely.
      • Holistic Approach: Rather than isolated diversity initiatives, which can often be challenging to navigate, our integrated approach ensures natural inclusivity. By partnering with STEM-Away®, your company inherently supports a universally inclusive platform without needing exclusive initiatives. This not only promotes diversity but does so in a manner that’s universally accepted and celebrated by all stakeholders.

:star2: STEM-Away’s Virtual-Internships present companies with an unparalleled opportunity: witness the next generation of STEM talent in a risk-free, inclusive setting. Discover potential, foster connections, and identify your next hire. Be at the forefront of the STEM future with us! :star2: