Venkatsai Ari- Vaping Pathway- Self Assessments

Technical Areas:

  • Expanded knowledge about Flysense vaping detector
  • Became familiar with Forum


  • WhatsApp
  • Google Drive/Hangout
  • Slack

Soft Skills:

  • Learning teamwork skills in a remote environment
  • Reaching out to team leads with questions

Three achievements:

  • Learned more about both Flysense and Halo Vaping Detector
  • Completed my first presentations.
  • Made Slack

List of Meetings/Trainings Attended:

  • Team Meeting 4
  • Team Meeting 5
  • Office Hours


  • Work on Week 5 Deliverables
  • Attend meetings for Week 5
  • Go to more meetings
  • Getting more comfortable with my team members

Tasks Completed/Hurdles Faced:

  • Haven’t started on Week 5 deliverables
  • Struggling with Quartus

#teamwork #problem-solving #communication #soft-skills #presenting