Vaping Detection and Mitigation Teams are getting ready to start!

Self-Assessment Form
Adding people as they fill the form: Teams: Vaping Detection & Mitigation

This topic has been created to give you a birds eye view of all events related to Vaping Detection and Mitigation. Please refer to July 2020 Calendar for event details and any last minute changes.


  • Self -assessment:
    (1) Questions related to vaping devices and other details from introductory webinar,
    (2) Come up with a questionnaire to research how widespread vaping is in your local area (schools/neighborhood). Use the learning from the webinar on Conducting User Survey.
  • Deadline for self-assessment: 07/11
  • Teams start on 07/13. End date of project: 08/14.


Title: Introductory webinar by student leads Alex, Aarushi and Kamya
When: Tuesday, July 7th 9:00 AM PDT
Details: Covering Motivation, Existing Vaping Detectors, FPGA, Project Plans

Title: Stakeholder Research & Interviewing by Benjamin, STEM-Away UX Industry Mentor
When: Thursday, July 9th 9:00 AM PDT
Details: Recording will be available within a day.

Recording of Webinar: Stakeholder Research & Interviewing

Hosted by STEM-Away Mentor Chains Lead @AntonyGeorgiadis. Thanks!

How do we join the webinars? Will there be a link that is posted?

Will the webinar recordings be posted on Google Drive or another location?

Hi! Is there a link to get to the webinar Conducting User Survey webinar for today? Thank you!

If you click on the July calendar above, it will take you to Google Calendar. Make sure you are signed into STEM-Away G-mail account. There will be a pop-up that ask if you want to add “July Calendar,” press “yes,” and then a bunch of STEM-Away session will be shown in you calendar. You can then go to today and find the session with the zoom link.

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Hi, I am a June seesion participant in UX group and I want to participate in July for vaping. I finished all requirements but I found myself not yet in the vaping group (the group listed in hamburger menu) and I am worried about that. Does it sound right? @ddas

Hi Zihao, I have not finished adding June participants as yet. Will add you right away. You have done great work in UX and we look forward to your contributions in the new project.

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Thank you!

Thank you so much!

Hi! What exactly are we supposed to put under “Three Achievement Highlights (from this week) that show you are ready for this project. Can be related to project details and/or Gsuite + Platform usage” in the self-assessment form?

Any 3 achievements that you think are relevant. No specific answer expected. This is the self-assessment part. The rest are screening questions.

The ability to self-assess is an importnat skill that you will work on during the virtual-internship.

Got it! Thank you!

How will we know when our team will be meeting? Will the team leads email everyone, post it in this forum, or will there be a calendar posted what times we are meeting per week?


8:00 am - 9:00 am Pacific: Introduction to FPGA, webinar hosted by industry expert from Intel

10:30 am Pacific: Team 2 meeting (Leads: Esha & Kamya)

4:00 pm Pacific: Team 1 meeting (Leads: Alex, Aarushi)

Meeting invites will be shared with teams on Monday.
After the 1st team meeting, your team leads will take over!

Hi @faryaalalam, the first team meeting invites will be sent to you via email as well as posted here. After that, all team communication will come from your leads.