Vaping among students in the United States: Challenges faced in tracking, Mitigation techniques including forms of technology

Study vaping among school students and come up with efficient ways to tackle the problem of widespread vaping

This is a pilot project which will track and analyze the problem of vaping and come up with innovative recommendations/solutions to mitigate the issues. In addition to the display of technical and soft skills through the 1-click® Resume, participants can elect to be showcased on our social media pages.

Vaping Could Compound Health Risks Tied to Corona Virus, FDA Says in March 2020

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Project Overview:

  1. Project Ramp-Up

    Study the history of vaping, research what is out there in terms of tracking/detection; understand the limitations and challenges.

  2. Study

    Perform studies on a few sample K-12 schools (Middle and High School) to see how widespread vaping is. Surveys, trackers or other means may be used for this.

  3. Research

    Following studies, come up with innovative ways to mitigate the problem including forms of technology.


  • Basic Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math skills ( pre-calc or higher)
  • Programming in Python
  • Sensor design/raspberry pi experience
  • Literature Survey
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership & Mentoring (project & task leads)


Summer 2020


  • Note: Lead positions in this project is open to high school students
  • Participation in the related webinar.
  • If you missed the webinar, watch the recorded STEMCasts® and participate in the discussions.