UX & UI - Module 1 Part B

An overview of things learnt:

  • Defining the problem

  • Types of Research method

    • Interviews

      • Interview basics

      • Making screening and interview questions

      • Do’s and Don’ts

      • Methodology

    • Focus Groups

      • Attitude and Perceptions

      • Moderator

      • Unstructured but not vague

      • Summarize

      • Behaviour, goals, Challenges and improvement feedback

    • Surveys

      • Most common

      • Quantitative : closed questions, yes/no response, checkbox, better for visualization

      • Qualitative: Open Questions, direct user to behaviour type, long response template, harder to analyze

      • tips and tricks: easy simple questions, mixture of open and closed ended questions, time and quality>>>>number of questions

      • one concept at a time

      • Order is important

      • Balanced rating scales

      • Show them their progress

    • Contextual Inquiries

      • Observations and Interviews together

      • Understand cognitive aspects and workflow

      • Insights at early stage

      • Most detailed information

      • Plan tasks, set time limit, Inform, record, ask for feedback

    • Observations

      • Full understanding of User’s behaviour

      • Less Hustle

      • Plan goals (SMART)

    • Card sorting

      • Open and closed card sorting

      • Give random objects to users and ask them to put each in a specified/unspecified category

Achievement Highlights:

  • Learnt various UX Research Methods

  • Learnt the do s and don’ts of those methods

  • Learnt which methods would be best applicable in which situations


  • Had to prepare questions for an interview for defining a problem

  • Had to choose people for a focus group and had to ask questions accordingly

  • Had to come up with 10 survey questions following the tips and tricks mentioned in the overview

Future Goals:

  • To be able to ask Users direct and relevant questions in order to retrieve information for the product to be designed

  • To be able to decipher the User’s behavior to better suit the user needs and design goals