UX & UI - Module 1 Part B - Swetha Vijayakumar

Things I learned

  • Technical Skill: Learned about the 6 different research methods (Interviews, Surveys, Observations, Focus Groups, Contextual Inquiries, Card Sorting); Learned about how to improve UX & UI based on a target audience in mind
  • Soft Skill: Learned how to ask interview questions; Learned how to run focus groups
  • Tools: UsabilityTools - Card Sorting (found under first listed article)

Achievement Highlights

  • Understood the importance of user feedback and audience
  • Understood the importance of contextual inquiry
  • Was able to come up with effective questions

Tasks Completed

  • I chose my previous company YouTube
  • I came up with 5 questions to ask the interviewee
  • I came up with 10 survey questions