UX & UI - Module 1 Part A

An Overview of Things Learnt

  • 10 Principles of Design - Dieter Rams
  • What is effective UX?
  • Usable and Functional DesignW
  • Examples of good and bad Design
  • UX Framework
  • Stakeholders - Internal and External
  • Stakeholder maps and their importance
  • Empathy maps and their importance
  • Parts of an empathy map


  • Able to list good and bad designs
  • The deliverable should be intuitive in order to be usable
  • Who are stakeholders and how to prioritize them?


  • Had to make stakeholder and empathy map for the first time
  • Had to come up with examples of good and bad UX designs

Future goals

  • Understand the the concept of empathy mapping more thoroughly
  • Learn to practise good UX keeping the User’s needs as a priority