UX & UI-Module 1 (Part A & B)-Muheet

Part A

Overview of What I Learned

Technical Skills :

  • Learned about what is actually a design and what’s not and how to use different qualities of UX (such as usability, aesthetic and delightfulness) to distinguish good UX designs and bad UX designs.

  • How to use stakeholder map to define what types of contributors are there in a system and what kind of roles they play.

  • Creating empathy map assists to accumulate important pieces of information about specific stakeholders’ all-around experience, which comes in handy to create a more user-friendly and profitable product.

Tools Used:

  • STEM-Away UI & UX pathway to watch the video lecture and to gather extra resources to complete the assignment.

  • Stakeholder map and Empathy map templates to make my version of these maps for Zoom.

Soft Skills :

  • Brainstorming while creating the maps

  • Scrapping useful things out of the internet to learn UX & UI.

Three Achievement Highlights

  1. Gained a comprehensive realisation of good UX design and Bad UX design.

  2. Used the knowledge to characterize UX designs of real-life objects and websites.

  3. Were having a lot of trouble while filling out the maps, but when I thought about those things from viewpoint of a CEO for stakeholder map and of a user for empathy map, it became much easier and I finally completed it.

Tasks Completed

  • Watched the prerecorded video of module-1 part-A

  • Created a note about things to consider while judging UX design of an object and applied it on two different websites.

  • Created a stakeholder map for Zoom.

  • Created an empathy map based on core stakeholders of Zoom.

Part B

Overview of What I Learned

Technical Skills:

  • Learned different methods of conducting UX research.

  • Learned about unique benefits, pros and cons of the research methods.

  • How to conduct a UX research interview, its’ etiquettes, do’s and don’ts and what types of questions should I make to get the best results.

  • learned how insightful information out research methods can help on the next the step of creating a better UX design of a product.

Tools Used :

  • STEM-Away pathway hub, other resourceful websites and YouTube to have a good grasp on the research methods.

  • Microsoft Word to complete my assignment.

Soft Skills :

  • The way of behaving as an interviewer and what things should I keep in mind while conducting an interview.

Three Achievement Highlights

  • I was struggling while creating the interview questions, but extra resources and the YT contextual inquiry video really helped me to get a lot of ideas and I finally had it done.

  • At first, I got puzzled by so many techniques and I was confused about what to use and whatnot, but when I thought about with which methods I’ll feel more comfortable, this point of view helped me a lot to choose my methods of the assignment.

  • I actually interviewed myself while doing the assignment. In this way, I learned more about what interviewee experiences, what he/she wants out of a product and how to apply those fetched data on a product to make it better.

Tasks Completed
1.Watched the video lecture of module -1 part- B.
2. Created a brief note about the research methods.
3.Created 10 interview questions for the core stakeholders of Zoom also applied contextual inquiry to get good results out of the research.
4. Created an observational set of who, when, where and why based on core stakeholders of Zoom.