UX Team 3 - Project Showcase

Hi Everyone, I’m Jay - Project Lead for Team 3 in the UX Pathway. I am excited to share with you all that our team will be showcasing our project work today, at 5 PM Eastern Time. We have come up with some really intuitive and attractive design iterations for STEM-Away’s online platform. I request all of you to join us and learn more about our 5 week journey, form ideation to conception!

Please feel free to tag as many people as possible so that you all can attend our project showcase today at 5 PM Eastern Time.

@Sarahrp @AntonyGeorgiadis @Tuhina_Dasgupta @Katyayani_Singh @ZoeyVu @Saloni_Shah @ddas @Vrinda_Jain

Thanks Jay!
@UX-Team4-June1 If you are available it might be interesting to suss out the opposition! :joy:

@jrs3112 Very cool! It might be worth putting this into the July 2020 Google Calendar so people across all pathways in both sessions (especially the new July UX participants) can attend too

@Sarahrp Since you’re able to edit the Google Calendar, do you think you could put this in if Jay agrees?

@FS-Team2-June1 Check it out, and join if you are available.

No problem! @jrs3112: Due to the short-ish notice, I’ll put it into the July 2020 Calendar straight away but let me know if you would like me to remove it again :wink:

Thanks Sarah!

Just enjoyed this wonderful presentation and it was phenomenal. Excellent solutions @jrs3112 and the brilliant participants of Team 3.

Definitely @Sarahrp! I don’t mind putting it on the calendar. I was not sure what was the best place to put this and hence I chose this category. Is there any topic where I can share the presentation and the recording? I think it would help a lot of July participants!

Thank you for your kind words @AntonyGeorgiadis! I really appreciate it.

Hi @jrs3112, if you share the recording with me I could add it to the calendar event. I look forward to watching it!

Hi @Sarahrp, so I’ve shared the entire google drive folder of my team with you. It has imp resources, presentations and recordings. Maybe you could find something that would be of use to all!

Thanks @jrs3112, I’ll take a look at it!