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Self-Assessment Form
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Note: All answers can be got from the learning resources below. You have to get at least 4 questions correct!

This topic has been created to give you a birds eye view of all events related to UX Research and Design. Please refer to July 2020 Calendar for event details and any last minute changes.


  • Self -assessment: Questions on conducting user research. Brief summary of UX tools and team presentations.
  • Deadline: 07/14
  • Get all the help you need from the office hours below.

Learning Resources


Title: Stakeholder Research & Interviewing, STEM-Away UX Industry Mentor
When: Thursday, July 9th 9:00 AM PDT
Details: Self assessment will include questions from topics in this webinar. Recording will be available within a day.

Recording of Webinar: Stakeholder Research & Interviewing

Hosted by STEM-Away Mentor Chains Lead @AntonyGeorgiadis. Thanks!

Team Presentations

Title: Presentation by UX Team led by Katyayani and Zoey
When: Monday, July 6th 9:00 AM PDT

Title: Presentation by UX Team led by Sarah and Tuhina
When: Thursday, July 9th 8:15 AM PDT

Office Hours

Title: How to Conduct User Research by Sarah
When: Tuesday, July 7 at 11:00 AM PDT
Details: Please read this User Research: Interviews 3 document before attending.

Title: Understanding UX by Antony
When: Tuesday, July 7th at 9 AM PDT
Details: Go over the differences between UI and UX and Design Thinking

Title: Principles of Design by Sarah
When: Tuesday, July 14 at 11:00 AM PDT
Details: An overview of the key design principles. No preparation required, come as you are!
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Hi everyone, here is the link to the recording of our UX Team 4 Project Showcase. Be sure to check this out as it will help you with your self-assessment!
Also, here is the link to our presentation slides. Please attend the UX Office Hours next Tuesday if you have any further questions about the UX Pathway, enjoy!


Does anyone know where I can find the recording of the google meet session today? The speaker discusses user surveys. Google Meet crashed on my phone so I was not able to listen to the whole presentation.

Hi @liora,
The recording of the session can be found in the July 2020 Calendar . Simply click on the webinar and you will see the link to the recording. Let us know if you need any help with this!

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Hi Sarah,

When I click on the video link, it says, “We’re processing this video. Check back later or download the video now,” but it does not give you an option to download the video. Thus, I was wondering how I could access the video to help me with the self-assessment.

Ivy Tong

Hi Ivy, It does look like the video is not accessible at this point. If you are ready to submit, just enter “video not available” for that question.

We will fix it soon.

Thanks, got it!


Also, the google drive link provided by Katyayani include which date meetings or are they just some previous resources?

Hi @Shubham_Singla, don’t worry about the dates as these were used for the June session. All the best!

Alright, Thanks!

Hi everyone!
I’ve finished each question on the self-assessment except for the “Three Achievement Highlights”. What are achievement highlights? Are they just things that we’ve learned?

Thank you!

Hi Yk, Take a look at:

Will do, thank you! Sorry for the trouble.

No trouble at all. That information was not easy to find, happy to help!

I am very impressed with the quality of the self-assessments, looking forward to getting to know the July teams.

Hi @IvyTong2001, sorry about the technical issues with the video.
You should be able to answer most questions from the Presentation Slides .
Let us know if we can help with anything else!

The video should be downloadable now, sorry for the inconvenience!