UX Interview Call Announcement

Hello Everyone!

This is Ritika, one of the team lead along with @rachit_jain and @HasinAnik in UX-July Session.

This is to notify all of you that @UX-Team1-July2020 is all set for their User Experience Interview for the mobile version of the STEM-Away platform. We would really appreciate it if you guys could take out just 5-10 minutes for a short crisp intuitive interview!

I would highly encourage all @UX-Leads-July2020 to be a part of the same and tag in their participants as well if possible.

Looking forward to the responses :smile:

Ritika Sharma

Tagging in @Sarahrp @Tuhina_Dasgupta @Vrinda_Jain @jrs3112 and @AntonyGeorgiadis to help us out for the same!

Thanks @Ritika_Sharma, I took part on Monday! All the best with it!

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Thank you @Sarahrp!

Hi, I can take part if you still need people.

Thank you @FionaAu. I will let my teams know.

Hey, @FionaAu thanks a lot for stepping up. Please if you could tag in your teammates as well then it would be great!


@UX-Team3-July2020 Hi team! Team 1 is looking for people to interview. Perhaps some of you can help out.

I am available for an interview on Friday, Sat, or Sun from 12 - 2 PST!