UX Design: Interview Call

Hi everyone!

Our team, UX Team 4, has been working on some new design ideas for STEM-Away and we would love have your feedback on them. We’re looking to conduct some interviews next Wednesday, July 1. If you’re interested, please let us know. Thank you, can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


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This is your chance to view and interact with the prototypes we have been working on throughout the June session!
These sessions will now be held this Thursday, July 16. There will be a session at 8am, 8.15am, 8.30am and 8.45am PDT. Stay tuned to the July 2020 Calendar and simply pop into the meeting link at any of the above times. See you then!
@UX-Leads-Summer2020: Please bring people’s attention to this event and come along yourself if you’re free!
Tagging others who may be interested: @Vrinda_Jain, @Hpk0304, @yvesgaetan, @SurKali, @Melissa, @Neda_Sal, @Pavitra_Walia


@FS-Team2-June1 Check it out and join one of the slots according to the ease of time.


Count my name @Sarahrp :laughing:

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Thank you Khanh, see you soon!

The link for today’s interaction sessions (usability testing) in case you can’t find it in the July 2020 Calendar:

Thanks and see you soon!

Hi @Sarahrp sorry a lot for not joining. I had some problems that I couldn’t make it

Don’t worry @Hpk0304, if you are available next week:

We have scheduled an additional usability session for Monday July 20.
Please join this link anytime between 8-9am PDT to take part: