User Journey on STEM-Away UX Survey

Hi everyone,

We are one of the UX internship group and we will be really appreciated if you could anwser the survey questions based on your experience on the STEM-Away platform so far.

Survey Link:

Thank you!

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@Vrinda_Jain @Hpk0304 @Isha @Sai_Likhith_K @yvesgaetan @jrs3112 @AntonyGeorgiadis @ZoeyVu
Please complete this quick survey and encourage your team members to do so also. We really appreciate your feedback! Thanks!

Finished @Sarahrp :blush:

Thanks Khan, our team really appreciates it!

@Sarahrp Done!!
And I have put it on my agenda for today’s meeting to get my team to fill it! :slight_smile:


Finished @Sarahrp

Done! @Sarahrp

Done! @Sarahrp

Thanks everyone! Look forward to finding a perfect solution based on user feedback.