User Experience on STEM-Away Interviews

Hi All,

We are part of one of the UX virtual internship groups and we’re hoping to conduct user experience interviews this week. If you’d be willing to take part in a short 10-15 minute interview with our team, please respond to the post and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible. We’d really appreciate your participation.

Can’t wait to hear from you all, thank you!

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Hi Kenda,

I would like to participate in the User Interviews

Hi @KendaFlores
I would love to participate.

Hi, I would love to participate!

@UX-Leads-Summer2020 @Vrinda_Jain @Hpk0304 @FionaAu911 @yvesgaetan
Please bring your teams’ attention to this post and encourage them to participate! Leads are also invited to take part. We will be closing the interview call in the next few days.

Got it @Sarahrp, save me a slot (in case so many friends wanna join :joy:). How about the time? Let me know, I will tell my team :wink:

I am up for participating! :smiley: Save me a slot

Guys have a look and participate! @FS-Team2-June1

I’m in as well!

I would like to participate too.

Its says I don’t have access :frowning: I definitely put that in my survey though :slight_smile: We should all have access to each others groups.

Hi @KendaFlores, I would love to participate and also would tag @FS-Team3-June1, @FS-Team2-June1, @FS-Leads-Summer2020 so that they can see this and participate.

Thank you @Hpk0304 ! One of our interviewers will message you to schedule your interview :wink:

Thank you @Melissa @Jscott @Chuks @Sai_Likhith_K so much for your interest! Our interviewers will message you each directly to schedule your interview.

Thanks @Vrinda_Jain for taking part and for spreading the word.

Please note: If you reply here but do not receive a call to interview, you will be first on our list for our second round of interviews when we will be testing our prototype design!

Really elated to see such an overwhelming response, looking forward for taking the interviews with @KendaFlores!