Urgent: User Research Survey (STEM-Away)

Hi Everyone! Hope you all are doing great. I am Jay, Project Lead for Team 3 in the UX Pathway. In the quest for identifying user needs and empathizing with them in order to implement design changes, we thought of creating a short survey for all of you. We request all of you to take this quick 2 minute survey and help our team understand each one of you better. We thank you all for helping us and appreciate your invaluable feedback.

Link: https://forms.gle/Jj5sPHTqYqgr39hq6

P.S.: Just a request to all Team Leads, I would really appreciate if you could tag your Team Members in this thread as well!

@Harshit_Aggarwal @SnehaK @montelyu @sherryliulxy @Pratistha @urmika_ghosh @Marawan_Ghazali @aishashahid1 @avanda76

Team 3, feel free to tag people you know!

@Saloni_Shah @AntonyGeorgiadis @Katyayani_Singh @ZoeyVu @Sarahrp @Tuhina_Dasgupta

Requesting fellow UX Leads to take the survey! Please tag your team in the thread if possible, I would really appreciate it.

Done! @UX-Team4-June1 Please take the time to complete this survey as Jay and his team kindly completed our survey. It is great to be able to help each other!

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Filled out as well. @UX-Team2-June1 Please take some time to help out our fellow team.
@jrs3112 Could you potentially share the poll data as I think it could be quite useful for our team as well.

Thank your @Sarahrp and @AntonyGeorgiadis! I will make sure that I share the poll data with you!

@Aman_Shrestha @Kushal_Gautam @HasinAnik. We have created a survey for our team. Please fill it and share it as many interns as possible! The information will be really helpful to us.



Hi Team 1,

If you can, please take the survey above.

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Guys see if you can take the survey

Thank you @Vrinda_Jain and @shreyas for helping out! I appreciate all members who took the survey. I request others to please take 2 minutes and fill out this form!

@vishaal811 @trangun @priya :smiley: Check this out and tag more. :smiley:

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Thank you for your help @Melissa! I appreciate it a lot!

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@ML-Team2-June1 help other team friends