URGENT- Asana Tasks- Do not mark Week Three tasks as complete or to Approval!

Hey everyone, I know right now you’re getting bombarded with emails about tasks being added to Asana. Please do not make any changes to the tasks in Asana right now- especially setting to approval or completed. I, and the other PMs. are going to be going through these this week and making sure all of the tasks have been completed and we will change the statuses for the Week Three section specifically.

Starting with Week Four tasks that will be added and assigned tomorrow, your responsibility is to work through the tasks you’re assigned to (on the My Tasks page, see the sidebar to the left on Asana). When you’ve uploaded your deliverables to the drive, then you can set your subtask or task as “Approval” so we can check it.

A couple reminders:

• Please only mark the tasks that you’ve completed to “approval” so the team mentors and leads know that you’ve submitted your deliverables. After your submission has been reviewed it will be set to approved and completed. I know you’re getting a lot of emails and notifications that we are adding tasks each week, but please don’t set anything to complete or to approval unless you’re working on that specifically. Anything you need to be working on and changing the status of will be in My Tasks.
• You all should be viewing the My Tasks page on a regular basis, and the project pages (showing all project tasks) infrequently. As of right now (Monday evening) you don’t have anything assigned to you, because we haven’t assigned the tasks to anyone specifically. Please only make status changes to tasks that you’ve specifically been assigned to in Asana.

If a task’s status is changed, it falls off the My Task list of anyone who is assigned to it, causing delays or missing deliverables if it’s not changed by whoever it is assigned to. We definitely want to avoid that. :grin: Your teams / groups should be coming to a consensus on when the deliverable is completed and uploaded- it’s at that point that the status may be changed.

Apologies for a lengthy message, just want to make sure we’re all on the same page with regards to Asana!

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Hi Alex!

Thank you for all the information! I just want to double check something. I received emails last night saying that I have some tasks assigned, but I am not able to see anything in the My tasks page or in the Bioinformatics Gene Team 6 page. I know you said as of Monday evening it’s ok to not have anything assigned, but should we be able to see tasks assigned now?

Hey Anca,

Maybe check whether your signed into Asana with your stemaway email rather than your mentorchains email. I had the same problem as you, but after signing in with my stemaway email I could see the assigned tasks.

Hope this helps!

Hi V,

Yes that helped I can see it now, thank you so much!