Uploading Deliverables to Github - IMPORTANT

Hi everyone,

Now that we are uploading to Github for deliverables, it is very important that you stay organized. For individual tasks (like Python) please title your file with your name so we know whose it is (“Python_Exercise_2_AnnieA”). In addition, create subfolders to stay organized! Team 7 did a great job on Gene Team keeping organized, so take a look at theirs for guidance if you are confused.

Also, as Goral mentioned: When you submit your assignments on GitHub, make sure to create a new branch using your stem-away username and then create a pull request. And then make sure to assign the pull request to the leads so that one of us can look at your submission and merge it into the master branch.

Please respond to this if you have issues or questions about this.

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Tagging @Bioinformagic, to make sure everyone is up-to-date. :slight_smile:

Thanks @annieanand!

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