Third NLP Webinar with Industry Mentor (RESCHEDULED TO 6/22 )

Hi everyone,

On June 22nd at 4 PM PDT, our industry mentor, Colin, will be going over the mechanics of BERT and how we will use it in STEM-Away. This meeting is HIGHLY RECCOMENDED for all interns (including leads). @ML-Leads-Summer2020 please spread this information to your groups and ask your participants to attend.



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@ML-Team7-June1 follow the webinar mates.

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@ML-June1-P @ML-June1-O @ML-Leads-Summer2020

Webinar with Industry mentor right now!

Hey we are waiting for you guys in the chat. :slight_smile: But no one else but me and 11 other people are there.

Hey @Melissa I am not sure why but I cannot access the meeting.

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Hi Sara,

Please try this link:

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Found a way around it thank you @shreyas.

Is today meeting still 4pm PDT?

Yes, we will be meeting at 4 PM PDT.

Thanks @shreyas

Hi @shreyas is the meeting on the first link listed here or the second? I just went to both and they were empty :-/

The first link

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Hi @shreyas. I guess the meeting is happening now, but I cannot sign in the chatroom. Do you have meeting code as well?

@Sunlong Did you try the first link? I just emailed you an invite. :slight_smile:

Thank you. The link worked.

Hello @shreyas,
Is the recording for the 3rd NLP webinar ready?

Yup, just moved it into the folder now!

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