The STEM-Away® Platform is Helping Young People Open STEM Pathways through Partnerships Today

Young people know that careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) cover some of
the fastest growing and most exciting sectors of research and employment today and into the future.
They also know that STEM skills and capabilities will be essential in responding to the increasingly
complex opportunities and challenges facing our world. So, when driven young people like Ayush Noori
and Archicka Dogra see obstacles for students who are interested in STEM careers, they do something
about it.

Their non-profit, EduSTEM is a response to the barriers to entry that students who need additional
learning assistance, and students from non-traditional STEM backgrounds face. With its motto of
‘Educate, encourage and empower’ EduSTEM aims to show kids that a career in STEM is an achievable and attractive goal, no matter what their background. To support the growing skills requirements and to create enough job-ready candidates will require a change in the approaches to STEM talent identification and STEM skill development. EduSTEM aims to meet both requirements.


Archicka, Co-Founder and Executive Director of EduSTEM, expands, “We seek to really reach out to those diverse groups of individuals, and we do so through hands-on workshops over a continuous period of time.”

Ayush Noori, the EduSTEM Boston Chapter founder, is a senior at Phillips Exeter Academy and an active neuroscience researcher. He saw the opportunity to expand the reach of EduSTEM through a partnership with STEM-Away®.

Ayush expands, “I am grateful for this impactful opportunity to collaborate with STEM-Away® and deliver a high-quality STEMX curriculum to underserved and underrepresented students via the unique STEM-Away online platform. I am confident that our partnership will engender abiding change and inspire budding scientists across diverse global communities. The mentorship which I have been fortunate to receive has been instrumental to my own personal and scientific development; working with STEM-Away® has offered me the chance to give back in turn.”

Ayush’s involvement with STEM-Away goes beyond EduSTEM. He has made impactful contributions to
the STEM-Away® platform.

Ayush says, “It is exciting to be able to make a meaningful contribution to such an important project and at the same time, to be able to benefit today from the platform’s many advantages. As the STEM-Away® platform continues to evolve it is exciting to know that more students will be able to benefit as I have.”

Ayush will also be using one of the STEM-Away® platform tools, STEMCasts®, to share his journey in STEM. Ayush will offer students insights into the start of his passion for neuroscience and bioinformatics. Each STEMCasts® episode is built around a mix of personal journey and technical content. Ayush’s STEMCasts® webinar will focus on Bioinformatics and will move from Biology Background to the History of the Transcriptomics Revolution, and on to Data Analysis of Transcriptomics Data. Students will be able to work towards examining real-world case studies of using transcriptomics to improve patient healthcare outcomes. Ayush will also use his experiences to share actionable knowledge about how students can get involved in impactful research despite limited resources.

Like all STEMCasts®, Ayush’s inspiring and practical story will be fully edited and available through the
STEM-Away® platform as an audio and video podcast. In addition to STEMCasts® and EduSTEM resources, participating students will be able to benefit from other exciting aspects of the STEM-Away® platform. The learnings they take can be used to participate in the upcoming Mentor Chains® Project: “From Transcriptomics to Therapeutics.” Mentor Chains® Projects allow students to work on real-world projects with STEM-Away® partner organizations to develop technical abilities and critical soft-skills.

Driven by the passion and capabilities of people like Ayush and Archicka, EduSTEM continues to go from strength to strength. This international youth-led organization now has with 13 chapters in 4 countries. This partnership with the STEM-Away® Platform will continue to expand the reach of EduSTEM and to change the STEM landscape. Their dream that kids from all demographics walking into STEM workshops, classrooms, and jobs will feel that they belong is one step closer.