The name of the game in hardware. The tremendous amount of engineering involved

About this Fireside Chat:

Are you curious about how hardware and software work together? Ruchi Wadhawan uses iPhone design to give a fascinating explanation of how the two fields intertwine. Capturing the journeys of Ruchi Wadhawan, System Architect and our host, Ambika Gopalan, Product Manager.

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  • The name of the game in hardware.
  • I thought math was hard.
  • Trying things out.
  • Can hardware exist without software?
  • The tremendous amount of engineering involved.
  • Failure is the one that is a constant

Target Audience:

  • Anyone curious about hardware or software engineering

Details of the full Fireside Chat (

  • Instructor introduction (2 mins)
  • CPU and transistor (1 min)
  • Ambika’s software engineer career in pharmaceuticals (3 mins)
  • Ambika’s choice to pursue engineering (4 mins)
  • Ruchi’s educational path (1min)
  • Ruchi’s advice on failure (2 min)
  • What is hardware vs. software in the iphone? (7 min)
  • Ruchi’s and Ambika’s hobbies (3 mins)

Meet your Instructor:

Ruchi Wadhawan is a system architect with experience in both hardware and software engineering. She got her undergraduate degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur before coming to Stanford for graduate school and joining the Silicon Valley giants – Apple and Google.

Preview (5mins):

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