The Git webinar is on for today at 11 am PST

Hello @ML-Team1-June1 @ML-Team2-June1 @ML-Team4-June1 @ML-Team5-June1 @ML-Team6-June1 @ML-Team7-June1 @ML-Team8-June1

11 am PST
Agenda can be found here: Git webinar for all ML teams (Hosted by industry mentor)

Thank you for your patience with the rescheduling. We wanted to hold this webinar as early as possible in the session.

But as many of you may be aware, Philadelphia was hit with a rare storm system known as Derecho. We made it clear to Colin that his safety is our priority. I am sure all of you will agree with that.

And our prayers for those who lost their lives in this storm.

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Can someone share the screen name and the email address to register for the webinar. Zoom is asking for it to register for the webinar!


can someone send the new link for live demonstration

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