Technical Training Webinar - Debriefing the Paper!

Please mark your calendars for Wednesday at 1 PM PST/4 PM EST for our technical training. This is going to be incredibly helpful in getting you an even more in-depth background on the paper/dataset before diving into tasks! We will add the meeting link shortly. It’s going to be super interactive, so please try to make it to the live session, and make sure you at least skim the paper!

Link to the meeting

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I know the leads must be really busy and I appreciate that you are all working hard to make this internship possible.
There’s no rush but I wasn’t able to make it to this webinar and wanted to know where I can find the recording.



The link to the webinar will hopefully be uploaded by the end of the day today

Hello! I was wondering if this has been posted yet?

We’re still editing the webinar, sorry for the delay! It should be up soon!

Sorry for the delay, but here’s the link to the Technical Training webinar from 6/10 (UPDATED LINK):

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Thank you! However, I can not seem to access the video?
Youtube states for this video:
“This video was removed because it was too long”.
Is anyone else having this problem?

I also received this error.

@Isha any thoughts?

Troubleshooting right now!

Fixed! Here’s the actual link. Thank you so much for bearing with us!

Hi everyone,

This was an awesome webinar. It really broke down a lot of complex biological terminology and made the material easier to understand. Well done to all the team and tasks leads!
Would it be possible for the slides to be shared with us? I wasn’t able to see all the pictures on the slides in the webinar video.

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Thank you @przhang for your feedback, we are glad that it simplified the paper! The presentation is in the google drive folder “BI Teams” --> “Technical Training Webinars” --> “Webinar 3”. Let me know if you need anything else!