Technical Help Session/ Interested in joining the virtual-internships teams?

2021-07-09T16:30:00Z - Launch Meeting - Zoom

Agenda: Technical details of projects through the lense of modular-internships (4-7 mins each) + Q&A

We can accommodate some students in Bioinformatics, UX-UI and Hardware Engineering.

Please reply to this post with the desired pathway and URL of self-assessment (if any).

@2021-Bioinformatics @2021-HW @2021-FullStack @2021-MachineLearning @2021-UXUI

Hi, I’m interested in joining the bioinformatics pathway. Here is a link to my self assessment: Bioinformatics - Level 1 Module 1 - Sanya Mahesh

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Hi! I am also interested in joining the bioinformatics pathway Level 1.

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Hi @sanyamahesh, @Dravie: I will wait until Friday before adding.

Dravie, it will be great if you can do one self-assessment, just so that we know that you understand enough of the subject and logistics to make a smooth entry into Hale’s team.

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Okay, thank you! I’ll complete it asap.

Hi, I’m interested in the Bioinformatics pathway. Level 1

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Link to my self-assessment:


@Sarahrp: Hi Sarah, can you add @Hazel as well. She has also finished Module 1. I have sent her the mentorchains account.

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