Teams: Entrepreneurship (7/13)

Here is the final team for Entrepreneurship:

EN Team 1- July 20


@Vrinda_Jain – Team Lead
@Aashi_Agarwal --Task Lead
@ZeryWang – Task Lead



Please watch for information from the leads with details about your first meetings this week.

Hello, I was not on the list because I submitted the wrong self assessment form. I submitted the right one. Please accept me.

Which self assessment did you originally submit? (The wrong one?)

I think I did the machine learning one it was my bad i think. I did submit the entrepeunership one just yesterday.

Did you do your self assessment?

I submitted my self-assessment and was also included in yesterday’s post but am not on the list. Is there anything I can do to help resolve this issue? Thanks!

Stephanie may I be moved from observer to participant please?

Apologies- I just missed you in the copy/paste. Adding you now.

Your self assessment requested an observer role.

Will you share your pre project with me (it is not sharable currently) and I can evaluate it and let you know.

Of course, what is your email?

Dear Stephanie I sent it to you.

Stephanie, I signed up for the Entreprenuership and I also have a mentorchain email, but I don’t see my name on the list.

Did you submit your prework and self assessment?

No, I did not. Where is the prework and self assessment located?


It was up in the forum all week but unfortunately was due on Friday 7/11. We won’t be able to accommodate you for this session.

Is there any chance that I could get accommodated, I didn’t get any notification or emails that this went online.

Unfortunately no- all students were instructed to look for information in the forums during the mandatory webinar. You can watch for the platform to see when applications will open for the next session.