Team 3 would like to interview you!

@UX-July6-P @UX-July6-O @UX-Leads-July2020

Hi! Team 3 is looking for some people to interview about building their own 1-Click Resume. We would really appreciate it if some of you can help! If interested, please message us about your availability.

Fiona and @Pooja

I can do tomorrow after 5 pm est. Sat & Sun at morning time 11 am - 1 pm. (EST)

Thank you for your response Hasin!

Tagging in the group responsible for the interview so that you guys can directly work out a timing that is convenient for all! @harshinir @SurKali @tabassumalam @urmika_ghosh.

I could do Saturday or Sunday at 11am PDT if either of these days suit?

Today, 2nd August, anytime between 10-11:30 PM IST would work for me, in case anyone from your team is available for conducting an interview. Reach out via mail/slack