Team 3 Introductions - Full Stack

Hey team 3!
@przhang @CoderOfBlaviken @varthini @jessie_anh_nguyen @andy93 @willystyle7 @Kushal_Gautam @Quince @ppuritip

I’m Tia and I will be the technical lead for team 3. I would like for everyone to introduce themselves, I’ll start in the comments. Don’t forget, the internship starts June 1.

Experience with full stack design:
Fun fact:
Team name suggestion:

If have problems with setting up Discourse on your machine, you can post them on Everyone please mention your Discourse installation problems here or direct message us! We will help :slight_smile:. There’s also a video tutorial for setting up discourse on your machine which I’ll link here Video tutorial for setting up a Discourse instance on my local machine.

Feel free to contact me or the leads if you have any general questions. You can also reply to this topic with questions, I will try to answer them as quickly as possible. I’m excited to learn more about everyone!

It wouldn’t let me tag them, but the two leads for this team are @Longfei and @Elias_Attias.

Name: Tia Mehta
Location/Timezone: New York/EST
College/Major: Worcester Polytechnic Institute/Computer science and game design
Experience with full stack design: I’ve used HTML to design websites. I’ve also worked with Javascript and Python. I’m excited to use Ruby and learn more about it.
Fun fact: I’m a huge nerd and I love to read! I’m always open to book suggestions
Team name suggestion: The Jedis :sunglasses:

Name: Maxim Gorshkov
Location/Timezone: Moscow/UTC+3
College/Major: University of Rochester/Computer Science and Business
Experience with full stack design: I’ve used HTML, Python, and Postgres (and a little bit of CSS and JS) to create a Django web application. I’ve never worked with Ruby but I’m excited to learn it!
Fun fact: I’m really into classic rock and music of the 60s-80s in general :guitar:
Team name suggestion: Stack Overflowers

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Name: Kushal Gautam
Location/Timezone: EST, Rochester, NY
College/Major: University of Rochester
Experience with full-stack design: I’ve used HTML, CSS, and Flask.
Fun fact: I’m a Real Madrid FC (soccer) fan.
Team name suggestion: The Titans

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Name: Irene Saito
Location/Timezone: Montana/MST
College/Major: New York University/Cybersecurity
Experience with full stack design: Not much, which is why I am in the observer role. I know some Python and am somewhat familiar with HTML and CSS.
Fun fact: I grew up in Hawaii, but now live in a town where it snowed last Saturday.
Team name suggestion: The Terabytes

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Name: Andrea Zampelli
Location: Santa Cruz California/PT
College/Major: self-thought
Experience: Html css javascript and a little bit of node js
Fun fact: I love Japanese anime I love coding and also I love mountain biking
Team name suggestion: Undefined

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Name: Varthini
Location/Timezone: Bloomington, Indiana. EST
College/Major: BS in Information Technology and pursuing MS in Data Science
Experience with full stack design: Worked in a startup for 2 years as a software engineer to develop a web application for K-12 stakeholders. Experience in Java ( Spring framework), Javascript, HTML.
Fun fact: Potterhead and Series Bingewatcher
Team name suggestion: Team STACKed :stuck_out_tongue:

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@tiatmehta @CoderOfBlaviken @Quince @andy93 @Kushal_Gautam - Has anyone installed discourse in Windows machine? I do not find any documentation for it in the discussion too.
Please let me know if you have any suggestions and would like to help.

Thanks in advance.

@varthini I did it in a Mac, but I believe the instructions will work for Windows as well.

if you go to the page about discourse installation problems @Sai_Likhith_K has a google doc with the process of downloading discourse on windows you have to use a virtual machine if you are installing on windows

Oh thank you. Let me try it and get back if there are any issues.

Thank you @tiatmehta

I used an Ubuntu virtual machine in VirtualBox, you can try that.

Thank you guys, I created an ubuntu VM using hyper-v and then installed discourse on that VM.
Appreciate all your replies.