Team 2- Email Account Set Up Meeting

Hey everyone, please attend a short session at 1PM CST to go over the setup for your email accounts. I will post a Google Meet link in a few minutes.



Hello! I am unavailable to meet at that time- any chance there is a set of written instructions that I can follow to set up my email? Thanks!

I will message you. :slight_smile:

Hello, I am trying to get on the google meet but it is saying that there is no such meeting ? I am in pacific time so I assume the meeting would be held right now?

@vgomez1643 we are doing the meeting right now. please try again

I just tried and it is still saying no suck meeting is there a code I can put in maybe ? @yvesgaetan

try this: 449 193 615 8067

@yvesgaetani tried to click on the link and the number code it is still saying no such meeting

Hi, it also says no such meeting when I tried to join, both with and without the code.

Hi! I’m facing the same problem. I have tried both links and the code.

Let’s do another session in 10 minutes, I think there is a limit on google meet for participants to join.

Ok so about around 11:30 @Alex_Cook

Here’s the link, I’m in here whenever you’re ready to join!

@aphang @Hinagaur, we are already in the meeting. Are you going to join us?

I have tried multiple times, but I can’t join. It says failed to join meeting.

send me your email and I’ll try to send you an invitation. Let’s try this way. You can send me your email in a private message.

It’s also not working for me, could you please send me an email as well? Thank you so much and I’m sorry for the inconvenience!