Team 2 and Team 3- Plan for Week 1

Hello teams!

I thought I would consolidate this post since all of the information this week pertains to all BI participants and observers equally. Here’s the plan for this coming week:


  • Access and update Mentorchains email / GSuite (passwords don’t come out until tomorrow so this may happen early or later in the day, unsure as of 6:40PM CST, I will post when I find out!)

  • Attend the Bioinformatics Webinar 1 at 9AM PDT (recording will be available to those unable to make it, BUT we will be able to answer questions at the webinars!)


  • R Training at 10AM PST


  • Attend the Bioinformatics Webinar 2 at 11AM PST


  • Nothing scheduled as of right now, but use this time to look at what we’ve covered in the webinars!


  • R Training at 10AM PST


  • Python Training at 10AM PST

If you have any questions, ask here in the topic or message me or your team/technical lead!