Team 1 Kick-Off on June 1st

Hi everyone,

Tomorrow is June 1st and we want to kick-off with a short meeting. Please fill out this doodle and indicate what times would suit you asap. I will update the meeting link here tomorrow.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

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Update: The meeting will be at 7pm GMT+2. Please find the link here:

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In case everyone didn’t see the update above, our kick-off meeting today will be at 10am PDT (GMT-7), in less than an hour. Hope to see everyone there!

Meeting link:

@milagao @shreyas @joshuaehiz @Kaustav @changhyunlee @AliJilani @Chanh_Bui @Pavitra_Walia @meganj @Mohammed_Sami

@AbdulMoidM @mjkamin @natmes @CharlesPan @belly460 @elindboo