Team 1: Feel free to introduce yourselves here

Hi, Team 1!
Please feel free to introduce yourself to your teammates by letting us know who you are, where you’re from, and what you aim to achieve this summer.
Time Zone:
Previous experience with UX Design:
Goals of joining STEM-Away:
One interesting fact about you:
Are you up for an informal chat sometime this week to get to know each other?

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Name: Katyayani Singh, or Katy in short
Time Zone: EET
Previous experience with UX Design: Pursuing a Master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction and Design
Goals of joining STEM-Away: Gaining insight into the world of design leadership and challenging myself by working with a truly international and remote team.
One interesting fact about you: I have visited 10 countries so far and before the pandemic hit, I wanted to visit 25 before I turned 25! Maybe I will still be able to achieve this goal, fingers crossed. :smile:

PS- Can’t wait to get to know everyone and have an exciting summer! :sparkles:

Hello everyone,

My name is Zoey, and you will see me around (virtually) a lot for the next few weeks.
Time Zone: EDT. I am currently in Canada.
Previous experience with UX Design: Most of my experiences with UX are through online courses, Youtube videos, blogs and finished a few mi-ni projects. If you are new to UX, I recommend you read
this very helpful blog.
Goals of joining STEM-Away: Expand my leadership skills and gain real experiences in UX design.
Interesting fact: I can sleep sitting up everywhere, every time, and wake up on time without an alarm.

I am looking forward to seeing you guys!

Wow 10 countries? That’s so cool. My dream is to get travel around the world, too. With this international remote experiences, you sure will know people from more than 25 countries before you visit them!

Name: Sharva
Time Zone: Pacific Time Zone (PDT)
Previous experience with UX Design: Google Sites. I don’t have that much experience with UX Design or Research, but that is why I have come to STEM-Away to learn something new.
Goals of joining STEM-Away: I want to learn something new in UX or any other subject. I don’t want to waste my time during this pandemic.
One interesting fact about me: I have done close to ten triathlons so far. I would have done one more this summer, but it got canceled because of COVID-19.

Welcome to STEM-Away @Sharva_Santhakumar! You have amazing leads to learn from :slight_smile:

Name: Jeremy Elvander
Time Zone: PST
Previous experience with UX Design: I designed a website for a non-profit community project. It was really successful! (until we were no longer able to afford the server space haha)
Goals of joining STEM-Away: To join a community of those interested in STEM related fields and learn from other’s experiences and advice.
One interesting fact about you: I’ve played the piano for 10 years!
I can’t wait to get started!

Hi everyone!
Name: Sana Aktar
Time Zone: CST
Previous experience with UX Design: I’ve done some website design using HTML/CSS in a few of my college classes!
Goals of joining STEM-Away: To build upon my UX skills and gain practical experience.
One interesting fact about you: I love listening to true crime podcasts!

Hello everybody!
Name: Visudha Sathurappan
Time Zone: PST
Previous experience with UX Design: Pursuing a Masters Degree in Human Centered Design and Engineering
Goals of joining STEM-Away: To expand my UX skills and work with other aspiring UX-ers

Name: Fiona
Time Zone: EST
Previous experience with UX Design: I took a class about the design process and worked on a group project where I acted as the interaction designer generator.
Goals of joining STEM-Away: I want to put the skills I’ve learned to use and see if this is what I might want to do for a career.
One interesting fact about you: I used to fall asleep in almost every class in high school.

I am a member, but have not been listed as a team member. Please help.

@ddas could you help out with this?

Name: Tami
Time Zone: EST
Previous experience with UX Design: I am learning HTML and CSS on the side right now through an online class. I have made graphics in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop as well as UI designs in Adobe XD.
Goals of joining STEM-Away: I have picked up on a lot of skills through self teaching/online resources, but I want to see how I can apply this to a larger project with a group for a longer period of time.
One interesting fact about you: I can bend my left thumb all the way backwards

Thanks for answering everyone! Cannot wait to meet all of you!

Here are some times I identified for our virtual meetup. Let me know if any of these work for you.
For now, the time zones are only for Friday, but if none of them work for us, we could look into having an informal chat on Saturday or Sunday as well.
The cities represent the following timezones:

Abbreviation Time Zone City
EST, EDT US Eastern Time New York
CST, CDT US Central Time Chicago
PST, PDT US Pacific Time Los Angeles

Which time suggestion suits you best?

  • 1st
  • 2nd
  • 3rd
  • None

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Sure, I will look into this.

@miksbhatnagar: Don’t worry we will sort it out. Can you send me a private message with the email you used in the application. Sometimes, the mismatch between emails between the platform and application form causes an issue.

Hello Everyone, I look forward to meeting all of you
Name: Kar
Timezone: PST
Previous experience: I learned javascript for fun
Goals: Learn more and apply the skills I used. I would like ot learn more about front end development in order to apply it to my python projects
One interesting fact: I am on a dance team in university.

Also, I can’t vote in any of the polls because I am not a member of the group or something.

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If you are up for a meeting on 29th May at 16:00 UTC, please reply yes to this thread. Else reply no. The poll isn’t working for everyone and I want to know how many people are available.

Thanks Katy for sorting suitable timing for the meeting. My apologies for missing the poll.
However, I think we have UX leads meeting at 4pm UTC tomorrow (May 29th). Please correct me if I am wrong. If the two meeting are overlapped, start our meeting two hours later (6pm UTC) or move it to the next day can be good options if everybody is okay with it.

Oh yeah. All this time zone conversion has left me in a daze. I am afraid I can’t move it later than that. And no one has responded to my question yet. What about Saturday 9:30 PM EET?