Tag Suggestions - Technical Skills - Machine Learning Pathway

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Need help with tag suggestions. Here is an excellent collection from ML Leads.

Effort initiated by ML Pathway Lead: @Sara_EL-ATEIF

Contributions by other ML Leads: @ernclb @st3939 @saiparsa @Sai_Likhith_K

Please add further suggestions as replies.

  • NLP or natural-language-processing

    • BERT
    • DistilBERT
    • Word Embedding (e.g. TF-IDF)
    • Text classification
    • Text processing
    • Data augmentation
    • Collaborative filtering
    • Bag of words

  • Machine Learning Classification Models
    • Feedforward Neural Network
    • Decision Trees
    • Random Forest Classifier
    • Support Vector Machine (SVM)
    • Logistic Regression
    • XGBoost

  • Machine Learning library
    • Pytorch
    • scikit-learn

  • Additional Tags:
    • Hyperparameter Optimization
    • k-fold Cross-Validation

  • Web Scraping
    • BeautifulSoup
    • Selenium
    • Scrapy

  • Python
    • Sklearn
    • Pandas
    • numpy

  • Collaboration Tools
    • git
    • github
    • asana

  • Product Deployment
    • Flask
    • AWS

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