Tag Suggestions - Technical Skills - Bioinformatics Pathway

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  • Quality Control

    • RLE boxplots
    • NUSE boxplots
  • Data visualization

    • PCA
    • Heatmaps
    • Volcano plots
  • DGE Analysis

    • Annotation
    • Gene filtering
    • Limma Analysis
    • Volcano plots
  • Functional Analysis

    • GO
    • KEGG
    • STRING database
    • Gene concept network
  • Global/Universal Gene Set Enrichment Analysis

  • Transcriptional Factor Analysis

  • Survival Analysis

Please add further suggestions as replies.

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‘Bioconductor R packages’ would work as a catch all for the packages you’ve used. Or if you’ve gained confidence with a particular package, you could list that one specifically.

Also, ‘GEO database’, if you feel confident in using that tool

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