Supporting your STEM hiring needs

We understand that hiring workforce-ready entry level talent can be a challenge. We are from the world of tech, we have been there. Typically, recruiters first think of going to top schools.
Today, academic pedigree is the only effective differentiator for junior talent. But what if we told you that we can deliver equally great talent - talent, whose soft and hard skills are easily, tangibly verifiable?

Discover the STEM-Away® Mentor Chains® Projects as a way to connect with the next generation of STEM professionals. Get students familiar with your products & tools. Build access to a STEM talent pipeline that identifies with your company. Be an active partner in promoting inclusivity in STEM.

Mentor Chains® Projects are online team projects aka virtual internships hosted by STEM-Away®, a career hub for students & junior professionals. Students of varying experience levels collaborate on real life projects, working on all aspects of a project from planning to project completion and retrospective.
  • Showcase your company’s involvement in the latest technologies by designing projects in popular areas.

  • Build familiarity with your company’s tools and affinity for your brand in the student community. The projects prepare workforce-ready STEM talent that identifies with your company. Projects are rerun periodically with new teams.

  • Get the keys to find and engage with workforce ready candidates. Skills acquired in the projects are showcased via the 1click® Resume, the projects provide a revolutionary level of transparency into student’s tangible achievements, work style, and soft and technical skills.

  • Become an active partner of the STEM-Away® solution to enhance soft skills in students & young professionals. The project structure is built as a Mentor Chains Project with students experiencing both mentor & mentee roles. An early start on mentoring & leadership skills is critical to move the needle on diversity in tech leadership.