Summer 2024 Now Open: Turn Passion into Career Growth

Summer 2024 Now Open: Unveiling Our Brand-New Platform!

The excitement begins as we gear up for an innovative summer at STEM-Away® - the STEM Project Playground designed to create opportunities for all by reviving ease and excitement in talent discovery. Check out the Summer 2024 Calendar.

If you’re solely interested in Skill Certifications, be sure to visit the AI Project Engine. For those looking to engage in Skill Certifications through Virtual Internships (solo or team options available), explore both the AI Project Engine and Virtual-Internship Applications.

t3 Plans:

Access to the forum is available to all members. However, using AI tools requires tacks, which can be either earned or purchased. Additionally, accessing the STEM-Away Mentorship category necessitates a paid plan. Dive into our suite of AI-driven services with two distinct plans designed to cater to your ambitions and growth:

  • Standard Plan ($18): Provides 90 tacks and access to the STEM-Away Mentorship Category for the 2024 sessions.
  • Premium Plan ($65): Offers 500 tacks, access to the STEM-Away Mentorship Category for the 2024 sessions, and priority access for events with limited participation slots.

Before moving forward, please glance through these essential sections:

Tools & Associated Tacks:

  • Skills Exploration: Gain unlimited access to discover and refine your potential.

  • AI Project Generation: For just 5 tacks, influence our ecosystem with your innovative project ideas. Earn back your tacks and more by contributing impactful projects.

  • Code-Alongs in Forums: Engage and collaborate in our vibrant community forums.

  • AI Mentor Code-Alongs: Receive personalized guidance for 12 tacks per project. Share insights from your session to earn tacks.

  • Evaluations: Two free attempts; subsequent attempts cost 5 tacks each. An in-depth evaluation with our t3 AI Evaluator costs 35 tacks.

  • Virtual-Internships: Enjoy unlimited access at no additional cost, subject to successful evaluations.

  • 1-Click® Resume: Coming in August, this tool will revolutionize your job applications. (Interview prep tool costs TBA).

Note: We’ve maximized the AI project usage cap to support your learning journey fully.

Are You Ready to Start Your Journey? Visit The STEM-Away® Store.

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