Summer 2022: Need offer letter before 07/01?

If you need an official offer letter before July 1st, please reply to this thread with your date requirement. We will setup alternate evaluations to accommodate your needs to the extent possible.

Please note:

  • These are educational internships that do not require US work authorization. You do not need the offer letter to get started.
  • Offer letters will be issued only to students who participate successfully in the training and evaluation phase. Invitation to the kick-off meeting is not a guarantee of an offer letter.
  • Offer letters will indicate a start date of 06/06.

In the past, students have used the offer letter to

  1. Qualify for academic credits
  2. Qualify for external scholarships
  3. Satisfy legal status requirements

If you are planning to use the offer letter for any of the above reasons or something similar and need an earlier start date, let us know.

Please check the Career Exploration - Projects & Career Advancement - Projects categories for a detailed timeline.

yes, i would want an offer letter before 1st july. i am available from june 1st. So if the offer letter can be rolled out befpre june 1st so that i can start working accordingly.

Hi, you do not need an offer letter to start the training. I have edited the original topic to include some of the reasons why students have needed an early date in the past. Please check and see if it applies to you.

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