Submitting Deliverables

Hey everyone! We’re still working on setting up GitHub for your deliverables submissions so for this week, we ask that you submit your visualizations and data files through Google Drive.

Some time this week a drive folder for your team will be shared with you. In this folder, make a folder for your subgroup and make it shareable with anyone at stemaway.

Put your group’s deliverables in this folder along with a document that links to those files and the code you used to generate them (you can copy/paste from RStudio).

This may sound confusing, so I put together a little example submission that you can find here.

Also, for anyone that has a GitHub account already, please fill out this form with your information.

Reply to this post if you have any questions!

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Should we make our own github accounts?

Yes! If you have time, make a GitHub account using your own email (NOT your mentorchains email).

After creating your account, go to settings -> Emails, and add your mentorchains email.

If you have issues, we’ll be having a webinar to onboard and introduce everyone to Slack and GitHub next week.

So just to make sure I’m understanding correctly, each group is only supposed to submit one copy of everything in the folder?

Yes! You only need to submit for the entire subgroup.

I made file named ‘Group 3’ under the QC/DV deliverables. Is this correct?

Yup! Looks good. Don’t forget to add your data files and plots.