Steps to enter your STEM Journey - Experience, Education

This category is used to create a single topic showcasing your Experience and Education. You can add any other details that are pertinent.

The “Insert Job” and “Insert Education” buttons generate pre-formatted output. You can use these buttons along with basic headings or you can customize your topic content as much as desired!

Given below is a sample flow to enter your data.

  1. Click New Topic

  2. Start your topic with a heading to indicate Education or Experience. In this example, I am going with Experience first.

    You can use simple MarkDown (Basic Syntax | Markdown Guide) to format your heading. To use Heading Level 2, type:

    ## Experience

  3. Next, use the buttons in the composer menu (see image below) to automatically add the code structure for your most recent job/internship. Fill in the content in between the BBCode tags.

    • Experience BBCode Example
      [logo]upload institution logo[/logo]
      [title]job title[/title]
      [company]Company Name[/company]
      - one
      - two
    • You can delete any sub field that you do not wish to use
    • You can upload images using the Composer Menu
    • The preview pane shows the formatted output
  4. Repeat Step 2 to include all jobs and internships

  5. Now add your education!

After posting your topic in this category, your experience/education will be displayed on your 1-Click® Resume.

Composer Menu

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