STEMCasts - Technical Deep Dive - Recommendation Models

Sharing the link to the presentation for now. Need a little more time to process the recording.

Thank you @Sara_EL-ATEIF for an extremely useful webinar. Giving a step by step explanation of a Movie Recommender System was a brilliant idea.

We deeply appreciate the amount of effort you put into creating the presentation with embedded links. I am sure our student community is appreciative as well! We will have the STEMCast ready shortly, our video editor is a little backed up.

I was impressed with the technical content and delivery of your webinar. And I was really impressed that you did not lose your rhythm at all when we had slight technical issues :slight_smile:


Thank you @ddas your feedback means a lot to me. About the technical issues, I am actually used to facing them in my presentations and helping others fix them as well I guess that is why I can keep my cool :grin:.

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I have received multiple requests for the recording. If people are that eager to get started, I am fine sharing the raw video recording.

This is an unlisted video. Please do not share at this time. We will “clean” the audio/video before making public.

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