STEMCasts - Technical Deep Dive - Recommendation Models

Thanks to our excellent student leads, we have a number of deep dive webinars planned to help prepare participants.

Agenda (subject to some changes as material is developed)
Please note that there will be some overlap with the overview STEMCast. If you are fairly new to Machine Learning, watching the overview STEMCast will help you get more out of this deep dive webinar.

  1. What are recommender systems? (Brief definition and some examples on real use cases)

  2. Recommender systems approaches (Mentioning and explaining them briefly).

  3. Content-based recommender systems

What they are? What types are there? When to use them? And how to use them? Pros and Cons and how we can remedy the cons?)

  1. Evaluation metrics.

Including an example, a hands on use case to get familiar with the process

  1. Conclusion

Please indicate your availability for a deep dive on on 05/19
We will pick the time that works for most folks.

  • Available at 9:30 am PST
  • Available at 11 am PST
  • Not available but interested

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Since we did not get too many replies, we are using our regular 3pm PST slot that seems to work for most folks.

We hope that the folks who entered their availability in the poll can attend. If not, reply to this email and we will see if we can make it up to you!

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I won’t be able to attend the 3pm time slot. Will there be a video recording of this webinar?

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Yes, we will having the recording available. If you signed up for the morning slot and cannot make the afternoon slot, let us know if you are interested in a link to the raw recording. The processed recording (public) will be available within a few days.

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Would it be possible to get a recording of this stemcast? I am in a different timezone and the equivalent time is 3AM over here.

Saad Ahmad

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Yes, would it please be possible to get a link to the raw recording? Thank you.

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Could I also please get a recording of the webinar.



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Hi could I get the recording too? Thank you!


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I have started a new topic with a link to the presentation.

The recording will be added to that topic.


Hi Shreya, in case you missed it in the other topic:

Thank you so much!