STEM-Away® Unboxed: Exclusive Deals & More in Our Pre-Launch Specials

:key: Your Transformative Journey with Talent Triad

Experience the magic of ‘One Coin, Two Sides’ at Talent Triad. We seamlessly blend talent nurturing with talent discovery, crafting a dual-edged platform that’s revolutionizing both STEM learning and hiring.

Begin with SkopeAI

Junior talent map out vital skills as professionals unearth hidden potential, pushing past conventional skill boundaries. A single algorithm, dual advantages.

Advance with the AI Project Engine

Junior talent enhance technical skills while professionals highlight key projects. It’s a blend of personal growth and industry progression.

Experience Collaborative Teamwork via Virtual-Internships

Delve into tomorrow’s work dynamics with automated teams and Mentor Chains®. Junior talent put skills to the test in real-world settings, while companies preview the next generation of talent.

:star: Launch Deals

Early Bird Special

First 500 members get 4 months for just $19.99! Membership is slated to begin on 1st December 2023, with the potential latest start being January 2024.

Exclusive Perks

As an early bird, not only do you lock in a reduced rate, but you also gain priority seating in code-alongs and exclusive access to STEM-Away sessions for the first four months. Don’t miss out on this unparalleled experience!

Gift a Free Month

As a part of our launch deal, you have the unique opportunity to gift a month’s free access to a friend. Share the benefits of Talent Triad and grow together!

Double Bonus for Early Birds

For Early Bird Special members, earn rewards and receive double the benefits! That’s right – for every reward month earned, we’ll gift you an additional month free.

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Additional Details:

  • Membership Pricing: After the initial 500 memberships, the price reverts to $14.99/month. This applies to all members, junior talent and professionals. Active members can benefit from free months through our reward system, and students from partner institutes will receive steeply discounted rates starting April 2024.
  • Commitment-Free After 4 Months: The 4-month package is non-cancellable, but rest assured you can try it out without future commitment. Post that period, decide whether to continue with our auto-renewing monthly payments.
  • Upgrade Path: Professionals on the lookout for enhanced features, stay tuned for our upcoming team packages.





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Got suggestions for improvements or additions? We’d love to hear from you! Share your feedback and become an integral part of our journey. Dive deeper into our platform details below. If you have questions, please head over to questions.

:memo: Tier Details

Free Tier (Most Features Live - Start Earning Rewards Now!)

  • SkopeAI: Embark on a comprehensive exploration of individual skills. Dive deep into data-driven insights and also community insights, driven by user voting, feedback, and rewards.
  • AI Project Engine: Delve into AI-generated mini-projects, fine-tuned with past internship data, or those contributed by the community. Actively participate in community voting to shape the project landscape.
  • Virtual-Internships: Access tools that enable the formation of dynamic teams. Free mentorship is dedicated to teams that uphold inclusivity.
    • Team Formation (Launches Dec 2023)
    • Team Mentorship for inclusivity-focused teams (Launches Dec 2023)

Monthly Membership (Launching Dec 2023 / In Preview)

À La Carte Offerings (Stay Tuned for Pricing & Release Dates)

  • SkopeAI: Redefine talent discovery. By focusing less on traditional skill requirements, we guide you to a broader talent pool that transcends conventional boundaries.
  • AI Project Engine: Gain full access to our AI Project Generation tools. Customize and promote the projects of your choice. Earn or review certifications.
  • Virtual-Internships: For companies or professionals, this suite offers a unique vantage point to assess potential candidates in real-time project environments.
    • Team Mentorship
    • Talent Observation Suite

Note: Free Access refers to the Free Tier, Paid Access to the Monthly Membership, and Custom Access to À La Carte Offerings throughout our platform.

:ledger: Comprehensive User Guides

SkopeAI User Guide

AI Project Engine User Guide

Virtual-Internships User Guide

Elevate your STEM voyage with us. Secure your launch deal with the Reserve Your Spot button to the left or this link