STEM-Away® Tour for college students & recent graduates

A warm welcome to college students, recent graduates and junior professionals!

Find out how STEM-Away® can help you launch your career.

Here is a tour of our site, discover the comprehensive solution to developing your career.

  1. STEM-Away® Career Pathways
    1. A pathway starts from initial learning via STEMCasts®, to real life experience through Mentor Chains® Projects, and finally display of skills through the 1-click® Resume.
    2. We are constantly adding new pathways. Which career pathways are of interest to you? Let us know. We are listening!

  2. STEMCasts®
    1. Explore STEM careers. Hear inspiring stories, get a glimpse of technical fields, and learn more about succeeding as a STEM professional.
    2. Find projects that excite you. Webinars tagged with #stemaway-pathway contain technical information about upcoming Mentor Chains® Projects.
    3. Get a jump start on building your network. Start interacting with industry experts in small settings.

  3. Mentor Chains® Projects
    1. Join as participants, obtain the Mentor Chains® Member certificate. Build skills in new areas.
    2. Join as leads, obtain the Mentor Chains® Lead certificate. Enhance existing technical skills. Build leadership skills.
    3. An unique opportunity to showcase your technical and soft skills. Companies get full transparency into your achievements.
    4. Build valuable connections with mentors, peers, and mentees.
    5. Become the leaders of tomorrow with an early start on mentoring & leadership skills. Start in any role, then grow and move all the way up to project lead.

  4. 1-Click® Resume
    1. Aggregate and showcase your achievements. Build a living resume!
    2. Enter activities that support your skills. Integrate past activities and engage in new ones.
    3. Tag your posts with one or more of your skill tags to create a dynamic link to your 1-Click® Resume.

    STEM-Away® uses AI ML algorithms to generate opportunity recommendations. By using the tools consistently, you can access STEM career opportunities that are a best-match fit for your passions.

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