STEM-Away Platform Architecture

AI Project Engine

Core Components: Highlights for Students

1. AI Project Engine

  • Project Creation with Minimal Prompts: Students can create their dream projects by specifying skills, tools, and/or application areas. They can also search for projects created by STEM-Away mentors or other members.

  • Integration of Job Market Trends and Skill Synergies from SkopeAI: Projects are tied to the latest data, ensuring relevance to current industry needs.

  • Top-Voted Projects Move to STEM-Away Mentorship and Virtual-Internship Expansions: Students can build a strong portfolio starting with pre-internship training, project execution, and ending with showcasing their work.

2. AI Mentor

  • Project-Centric Guidance and Support: Provides guidance and support to help students navigate their projects effectively.

  • Community Engagement Rewards: Sharing learnings from the AI Mentor with the community via forums is rewarded with tacks, encouraging active participation and knowledge sharing.

  • Enhanced Mentorship for Subscribers: The AI Mentor is coupled with STEM-Away mentorship for paid subscribers, offering additional support and expertise.

3. AI Evaluator

  • Student-Led, Novel Evaluation: The AI Evaluator allows students to lead the conversation, offering a unique approach to assessing their understanding and skills.

  • Automated AI Assessment: Provides automated evaluation of project-centric, user-led conversations using predefined rubrics, ensuring comprehensive and objective assessment.

  • Integrated into Platforms: These evaluations drive automated team formation and mentor allocation for our Virtual-Internship platform and aid in match and prescreening for our Talent Discovery Platform.

  • Prerequisite MCQ: Access to the AI Evaluator requires passing a dynamic MCQ to ensure the student’s familiarity with the project.

  • Build a Strong Portfolio: Students can build a strong portfolio through multiple evaluation attempts, with the option to store results when needed; no personal data is stored until the student opts to save their evaluation result.

  • Confidence Building: Students can take the evaluation multiple times to build confidence and improve their performance.

4. Virtual-Internship Platform

  • Mentor Chains®: Benefit from our unique mentorship model where STEM-Away® mentors guide intern leads, who in turn mentor their teams. This cascading mentorship effect enriches leadership skills and provides layered support.

  • Customizable Internship Experience: Customize your internship experience with options for structured collaborations within STEM-Away Teams or more autonomous Solo/Own Teams.

  • Automated Team Formation: Build your team through strategic matching based on Skill-Builder Project evaluations. This feature is ideal for those who prefer a community deeply integrated into STEM. Alternatively, participants can choose to work solo or bring their own pre-formed teams, providing flexibility and independence.

  • Targeted Pre-Internship Training: Experience targeted pre-internship training that equips you with foundational skills needed for your chosen area.

  • Details at Virtual-Internships - Overview

5. Talent Discovery Engine

  • Matching, prescreening, and interview preparation tailored to specific skills and projects.
  • Patent-pending evaluation methods and granted patent for online resumes.
  • More details coming shortly.

6. Tacks

  • STEM-Away’s currency, which can be earned through active participation and achieving milestones.
  • While tacks can be purchased, earning them through badges is encouraged.

People-First Approach

While our platform leverages cutting-edge AI technology, our core philosophy remains people-first. We prioritize the growth and development of our students, as evidenced by the positive experiences shared by our alumni.