STEM-Away Calendar: 2024

May 2024

Tools Released

  • AI Project Engine: Take control with our AI Project Generation Engine, trained on data from our past successes. This tool empowers you to create custom project ideas. Top-voted projects by the community not only get incorporated into the STEM-Away® project lineup but also earn rewards.

  • AI Mentor: Project-specific Guidance. Access the AI Mentor by clicking the Chat with AI Mentor button associated with each project in the Code-Along Discussions category.

  • Automated Evaluations: Multiple-Choice Question Evaluation Released. Access evaluations via the button at the bottom of posts in the AI Project Engine or Code-Along Discussions categories. View evaluation results by clicking on the hamburger menu and then selecting My t3 Dashboard.

Code-Alongs and Evaluations offer you a direct route to mastering skills that count, earning certifications, and optionally applying for Virtual-Internships. It’s your opportunity to stand out.

Programs Opened

  • Summer Virtual-Internship Applications now open: Apply here. Jump into Virtual-Internships to solve real-world problems as part of a team. Your performance in Skill Builder Projects guides team formation and project assignments, offering a tailored internship experience that builds on your strengths. Solo option is also available but we strongly recommend the team option for a unique comprehensive experience.

  • Skill Builder Projects Released: Dive into our first batch of Skill Builder Projects, designed by STEM-Away® mentors in response to current job market trends. Gear up to tackle what employers are looking, with new projects releasing at regular intervals starting May 1st.

June 2024

June 3rd

  • Mentor Review: Mentors have completed the first pass review of all projects chosen by applicants.

  • AI Project Engine Free Access: This month, the AI Project Engine is free for everyone! Enter any prompt to generate a new project. Your username is not associated with the generated project by design. To be considered for tack rewards, reply to your generated project with “Generated by username or name”.

  • Top Voted Projects: Top voted projects will be considered for inclusion in active mentorship and/or virtual-internship expansion. Get active and vote! Earn rewards just for being active community members! Learn more and engage.

  • Evaluation Update: Multiple-Choice Questions can now be attempted for projects tagged in virtual-internship applications. These tests ensure you have read the project descriptions thoroughly. You may attempt the evaluation before starting hands-on coding. The second step will be released later this month and will require you to have more in-depth knowledge of the project.

  • Code-Along Discussions: Each project has a linked post in the Code-Along Discussions category, accessible via a link at the bottom of the project post. Start posting questions, use the AI Mentor, or help other members to earn rewards!

June 17th

  • STEM-Away Mentoring: Mentoring begins according to this schedule. This mentoring is open to paid subscribers only and will take place in this category: STEM-Away Mentorship

June 24th

July 2024

July 5th

  • AI Evaluator: The AI Evaluator will be available to all participants who achieve a minimum score of 8 out of 10 on the project-specific multiple-choice quiz (MCQ). Upon entering a project choice and successfully completing the corresponding MCQ, participants will receive an invitation to the AI Evaluator stage starting on July 5th, and then every subsequent Friday on a rolling basis. Please note, no emails will be sent out; all notifications will be delivered directly to your STEM-Away account.

August 2024

  • 1-Click® Resume: Transform your job search with the unveiling of 1-Click® Resume, setting a new standard in showcasing your talents and revolutionizing the job application process.

NOTE: While we will try to answer all queries, please read the posts in the Virtual Internship Applications category to check if your query has already been addressed!

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